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Uni aequus Virtuti atque ejus Amicis.

P. THE To start with SATIRE OF THE 2nd E book OF HORACE. SATIRE I.


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There are (I scarce can assume it, but am told), There are, to whom my satire looks too bold: Scarce to clever Peter complaisant enough, And some thing claimed of Chartres a lot way too rough. The strains are weak another’s delighted to say, Lord Fanny spins a thousand this kind of a day. Timorous by nature, of the loaded in awe, I occur to counsel figured out in the legislation: You can give me, like a good friend both sage and no cost, Guidance and (as you use) without a rate.

F. I’d produce no extra. P. Not publish? but then I believe, And for my soul I are not able to rest a wink.

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I nod in business, I wake at night, Fools rush into my head, and so I publish. F. You could not do a even worse issue for your daily life.

Why, if the evenings appear cumbersome-just take a wife: Or fairly really, if your stage be rest, Lettuce and cowslip wine: Probatum est. But chat with Celsus, Celsus will advise Hartshorn, or a thing that shall close your eyes. Or, if you needs have to compose, write Cæsar’s praise, You will get at least a knighthood, or the bays.

P. What? like Sir Richard, rumbling, rough, and fierce, With arms, and George, and Brunswick crowd the verse, Rend with large sound your ears asunder, With gun, drum, trumpet, blunderbuss, and thunder? Or nobly wild, with Budgel’s hearth and power, Paint angels trembling spherical his falling horse? F. Then all your muse’s softer art screen, Enable Carolina smooth the tuneful lay, Lull with Amelia’s liquid identify the 9, And sweetly movement by means of all the royal line. P. Alas! handful of verses contact their nicer ear They scarce can bear their laureate 2 times a 12 months And justly Cæsar scorns the poet’s lays: It is to record he trusts for praise. F. Greater be Cibber, I’ll keep it nevertheless, Than ridicule all style, blaspheme quadrille, Abuse the city’s very best fantastic adult men in metre, And laugh at peers that put their have confidence in in Peter.

Even individuals you contact not, despise you. P. What really should ail ‘em? F. A hundred wise in Timon and in Balaam: The fewer continue to you name, you wound the extra Bond is but one, but Harpax is a score. P.

Each mortal has his satisfaction: none deny Scarsdale his bottle, Darty his ham-pie Ridotta sips and dances, till she see The doubling lustres dance as fast as she F- loves the senate, Hockley-gap his brother, Like in all else, as one particular egg to yet another. I love to pour out all myself, as basic As downright Shippen, or as previous Montaigne: In them, as specific to be loved as noticed, The soul stood forth, nor saved a assumed within In me what spots (for places I have) surface, Will prove at the very least the medium ought to be obvious. In this impartial glass, my muse intends Reasonable to expose myself, my foes, my good friends Publish the present age but wherever my textual content Is vice also superior, reserve it for the up coming: My foes shall wish my existence a more time date, And every good friend the a lot less lament my fate.

My head and coronary heart thus flowing by my quill, Verse-man or prose-guy, expression me which you will, Papist or Protestant, or the two amongst, Like good Erasmus in an straightforward mean, In moderation putting all my glory, While Tories call me Whig, and Whigs a Tory. Satire’s my weapon, but I’m much too discreet To operate a muck, and tilt at all I fulfill I only use it in a land of Hectors, Thieves, supercargoes, sharpers, and administrators. Help save but our army! and let Jove encrust Swords, pikes, and guns, with everlasting rust! Peace is my pricey delight-not Fleury’s more: But contact me, and no minister so sore.