Marlene Powell

Marlene Powell

I’m a queen that is super woman hunting for a guy who can accept me personally for me personally, to discover all of the stunning things inside me personally. I’m honest, God loving, and only want a person who would like me and certainly will remain us part with me till death do. It’s so scary to find a person who’s geniuly God loving and treats others the way God intended us to be today. A person who thinks in wedding before sex. I’m a BBW and I also sooo want to view a “BBW Christian Dating Service, ” if it is free, and ideally neighborhood.

I will be a huge man and have endured a few of the exact same biases that BBW do. And often by BBW. Some feel that being having a slim man compliments them. They reject the guy that is big. I’ve been drawn to BBW since before that term was utilized. I will be black colored and would like a black colored girl between belated 30s and mid 50s. I will be almost 53. Would like to get to understand, through discussion, a Godly girl whom really really loves Jesus and understands she is loved by him. We have discovered a deal that is great my previous mistakes. Jesus has shone me personally exactly exactly what their Agape is. We have a big heart and would you like to share it.

Kate joseph

for crying aloud, there are sufficient reactions right right here to begin a site that is dating! Holler for the nerd buddies! … I prefer nerds: )) just saw a so named christian bbw website which is connected to one iof the absolute most lasivious bbw web web sites ive been on, and echos the morality, motivating hook-ups etc, calling admirerers chubby chasers… bleecch!! That is on the market to stop dragging a@#e! Inform me once you do! Cheers! And blessings stunning people!

Elaine DeCarmo

James please inform me the title of the site once you’ve managed to make it, we anticipate sharing it with several Ebony males who will be trying to find christian bbws. Many thanks.

OK therefore who’s likely to begin a niche site. Some body on the market need the capacity. I’tss pretty appalling when I go on some sites and the basic concept is really a bbw is an individual who is hopeless, kinky, will need such a thing, wishes intercourse and we also all realize that’s not trure. Intercourse is actually for my better half who the Lord provides for me personally when I have always been hitched. Therefore anyhow who’s up for starting a website? And also by the way in which women we need to function as the ones to uphold our image. Don’t throw in the towel and fall victim to being simple, kinky, promiscuous, etc. We happened to be hitched for 11 years and have always been divorced and had been a BBW then and am a BBW now, therefore it’s feasible to get a relationship that is true.

Morden man and van services

The reason we stick to this amazing site is you do ordinarily provide a notably various inclination on items to lots of other sites so congrats. Since i do believe.!


I posted a comment here…5 YEARS ago. I’m a virgin that is 37-year-old. Pardon me while we channel my anger that is righteous into constructive–which is God’s function for the feeling.

In that case numerous want this fat Christian dating website therefore poorly, how come it perhaps not occur? How come no one wish to be a moderator? Well, would you like to begin a task that’s likely to use up your entire spare time, yet spend absolutely absolutely absolutely nothing? You’re a communist, and YOU can LEAVE if you said yes. Now.

Okay, everyone else with wise practice: although this is still America, let’s acknowledge that ANY SUCH THING OF VALUE MAY BE WORTH WORKING FOR! You value, its value INCREASES when you sacrifice for something! Getting one thing at no cost really decreases its recognized value.

For their time, energy, and whatever skills and talents are necessary to make the website as GOOD as it can POSSIBLY BE if we EVER want this dating site to happen, we have to let potential website creators and moderators know that we are willing to compensate them! We don’t want to wait an additional YEAR for the crappy site that is free. If it is a beneficial website, run by skilled, motivated, TRUTHFUL people, I’ll pay it off, because We APPRECIATE IT!

The work marketplace is terrible, also it’s just gonna become worse. There was ANYONE AVAILABLE TO YOU using the abilities whom can’t find work, or whom has only a job that is part-time requires more cash. That individual has one thing we wish, and now we have one thing they need. Let’s find each other (somehow) and do just exactly just what Jesus meant for us to accomplish in this case. Let’s create jobs!


Just wondering if any you have discovered a christian dateing sight for bbw yet. I’m 50 therefore fed up with all of the worldy places. Males say they truly are trying to find a lady that is christian really loking for intercourse or cash. Anybody have solution??

Yes i actually do believe that BBW is now an expression explaining big ladies, big butt, big upper body, hungry for gross intercourse, pornography, drunkenness, orgy etc… There’s so much material on the market now hundreds of BBW nude ladies publications and most likely scores of BBW intercourse internet sites with no strings groups all over the globe. A unfortunate state of affairs for such nice females.